About Us

IBA Capital Partners is an independent real estate fund manager active in the main Spanish real estate markets.

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About Us

IBA Capital Partners is an independent real estate fund and asset management company active in the main Spanish real estate markets.

Founded in 2013, the company has a highly skilled multidisciplinary team with broad technical knowledge in international real estate and financial markets, and capable of managing all types of real estate assets.

Managing assets with a market value circa  €1.5 Bn, IBA capital is a boutique investment firm, representing a select number of clients.

In the Core+ investment segment, IBA founded and manages Zambal Socimi Spain, S.A. a Spanish REIT listed on the MAB (Alternative Investment Market) aimed at the long-term investment in assets in consolidated first-rate Spanish markets.

In the Value-added segment, IBA has established a strategic alliance with CBRE Global Investors with the aim of promoting investment opportunities in the tertiary real estate sector, mainly focused on High Street  retail assets.

Our Vision

The financial crisis that began in 2007 brought with it a profound transformation of the Spanish economy and most specifically, the real estate sector.

The improvement in market conditions and upswing initiated in early 2013 cycle assisted to generate investment opportunities at a time when the depressed value of real estate assets in Spain made it possible to close transactions at historically low prices, in some cases, even below replacement cost, allowed IBA to perform operations that combined both security and upside.

On this premise, since 2012, we have focused on investment operations on prime assets in established markets, both geographically (Madrid and Barcelona) and sector-wise (offices and retail), creating a portfolio of assets with an estimated value of circa €1,5Bn.

Despite the remarkable recovery of most real estate sub-sectors due to the growth prospects of the economy, the massive flow of both domestic and international capital and the revival of bank financing- there are still opportunities that meet the risk criteria and targeted return that govern our investment strategy.

We believe that we are still at a stage in the market cycle as some sectors in the real estate market in Spain continue to offer significant potential upside and growth. This is why IBA continues to implement a policy of very selective investment based on a few simple fundamental criteria (location, technical specifications, value / sq m and quality of tenants), which combine to create stable long-term cash flows and added value.

Local knowledge and culture, specialization, speed of execution and the ability to generate value are a key differentiator in the success of any investment strategy, both during the process of sourcing and acquisition of the property and its subsequent management, in either core or value-added profile operations. In the latter investment segment, in which the closure of optimal funding is critical to achieving profitability targets, our experience in project finance, combined with a real and deep knowledge of the funding sector, is paramount.